Beauty Haul

11:27 AM

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I spent it playing with my new toys... I've never done a beauty haul before, but after watching Jaclyn Hill's Best of Beauty 2013 I decided to upgrade a few of my products... I had gift cards to burn okayyy, so don't judge!  I'm working with combo skin.  My forehead and cheeks get really dry but my nose and chin tend to be little grease monsters... here's what I scored!  ps- everything is from the drugstore except for my tarte bronzer.

1. Tarte amazonian clay matte waterproof bronzer in Park Ave Princess {$29}  Its not secret I have a pumpkin head (thanks mom) so contouring has become a must.  This matte color can seem a little dark but once you blend its amazing.

2. Maybelline Baby Skin Primer {$6}  I have huge pores on my nose and cheeks.  I know there is no way to shrink these babies so I've been trying to hide them.  This works pretty well!  If you use it alone it won't hide your pores but as a primer it works well.  By no means does my skin look airbrushed but the pores are "blurred"

3. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso {$9}  I've been using a ballerina pink for a long time but decided to make the switch to coral.  And I love it.  The color is much more natural looking and the color is pretty pigmented so you don't need a lot so this will definitely last...

4. 10x Magnifying Mirror {$2} This really helped with shaping my eyebrows.  Enough said.

5. Tweezerman Slant {$14}  All evening I was thinking about how I wanted more defined eyebrows.  I have very straight eyebrows naturally and I won't lie, they ain't hot.  I am terrified of waxing so that wasn't an option and my old tweezers were dull.  These were the answer.  They are absolutely worth the $14.  You could grab a single hair or a whole bunch at one time.  I was able to give myself the tiny arch I wanted.

6. Maybelline Mastershape in light brown {$6}  Now that I had a slight arch I needed to define it.  And all the tutorials I saw called out this product if you're going with drugstore supplies.  I comes with the spooly to brush your brows and the pencil is more waxy than others.  I was able to get better brows by watching this video >>> HERE 

7. Precisso Beauty Blending sponge {$6} Its not the actual beauty blender but it works well.  I was able to use this when apply under eye concealer to get right up to the lash line and it blends better than using your finger.  

8. Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Crystal Water {$6}  This really goes on like an expensive gloss, it pretty much feels like one of my Buxon glosses, but its way cheaper.  Who doesn't love that!

9. Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in clear {$3}  Even when I use Burt's Bees my lips stay dry.  This seems to be working well so far...

10. Hard Candy Bronzer (but i'm using it as a highlighter) in Tiki {$9}  Jaclyn called this out as one of her top two 2013 highlighters.  AND its drugstore so I was sold.  It is called a bronzer but doesn't leave any color on your face.

And for my best purchase...

11. Loreal True Match Lumi Foundation in n1-2 soft ivory {$9} This foundation is comparable to Armani's foundation (or so I hear).  I have two different CC creams and a Lancome foundation I've been switching on and off with for the past year and none of the three compare to this baby.  I used ELF's kabuki brush to apply.  The color is slight dewy and the color matches.  It really is a True Match.

If you have any questions about any of these products, ask away and I'll do my best to help!  Happy Tuesday Y'all!

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