Tattered to Taylored Weekend

10:00 AM

Hi Friends!

Today I'll be sharing my weekend!  One of my first personal posts :)  My weekend was mostly spent doing Christmasing.  National Lampoons Christmas may or may not have been watched multiple times... And I got to listen to some of Beyonce's new album! I was too cheap to buy the whole thing on iTunes and will be waiting until its available on Spotify.  But from what I heard it sounds phenomenal!

Saturday, I woke up to an email saying my iphone was now UNLOCKED!  If you're remember from Friday I've been using a burner phone... But no longer!  I now have a nice iPhone with maps and instagram and twitter. Phew!

Sunday, I had a friend come over and we Christmas crafted :)  Reindeer beer bottles anyone?  How about a nice snowman wine bottle?  How about some Christmas cookies?

Time to get back to work...

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