For the Non Romantic Man: Part Duex

9:00 AM

Finding new interesting ideas for my boyfriend for gifts is tough.  Our four year anniversary was a while back and I posted ideas of things you can do for your Non-Romantic Man.  Unfortunately, an I Love You keychain isn't appreciated so I have to get creative...

I decided to make a simple treasure hunt for gifts hidden around the apartment.  I used PicMonkey to get a silhouette  of this label, then traced and cut out six of them.  I wrote a clue for each present on each label.  Wrapped up the labels and put them in a box... let the hunt begin!

I took this idea from Southern Doe.  You fill up a balloon for each year and write something you love about your man on each.  (Btw, Southern Doe is launching on 1/1/14!  Its an apparel line and blog devoted to women who love the outdoors and southern lifestyle )  Even if D doesn't want to read all 25 balloons who doesn't like to walk into a mass amount of balloons!!

Burlap Banner?  This one was easy and personalized.

We are big craft beer fans.  So after picking out some six packs of the favorites round here, I made personalized labels for the bottles... I used a mix of Beer Labelizer, Picmonkey and word to make these special labels...

Is your man romantic?   Or does he just laugh at your feeble attempts?

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