Five on Friday 12/6

11:37 AM

December, december, december.  Jeez, the year is coming to a close already! I'm linking up with Carolina Charm for the wonderful 5 on Friday link-up!

{one} Hot Cocoa Bar: I knowww you all have Hot Cocoa Bars in your kitchen too, but I'm still beyond excited about mine!  D's sisters are here visiting us so I finally had a reason to create one!
{two}  Print me:  I am crazy about the printables I recently created.  They're sure to add some wonderful charm to your holiday decor!  You can download your own here.

{three} Christmas Movies:  Mom is fabulous and sent me an early Christmas gift.  Love her for that one!  How many times is too many times of watching The Leprechaun's Christmas Gold? Seventeen too much??
{four} Austin:  We spent last night in Austin and it was fabulous!  They have such a fun night life.  Now its time to get some briscuit and then head back to Dallas!

{five} SNOW: Of course the night I'm out of Dallas this happens!  We got an inch of snow here and apparently Dallas folk aren't used to snow.  The whole city is shut down for a snow day!  Guess I'll really get to use my hot cocoa bar!

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

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