Five on Friday 12/13

6:00 AM

I have no phone.  My Galaxy died on Monday so I've been working off a burner phone until our old iPhone gets unlocked from AT&T for me to use it on TMobile.  You have no idea how much you actually use your phone til you're without one, it sucks.  But at least it is Friday!  Yay! Only two weekends until Christmas!  :)  So here are my top five for the week!  As I said, I have no phone, so I've had to borrow pics for this week...

{ONE} Franklins:  This was the highlight of my week.  Last Friday I waited for three hours in the Austin cold for the BEST Texas Briscuit in the whole state.  I can not explain the joy my tastebuds experienced.  We got Texas Briscuit, Pulled Pork, Sausage Links, Ribs, and Banana Cream Pie.  Ah Heaven.  Visiting Austin?  Worth the wait...

{TWO} DIY Nail Polish: I had extra glitter from my Moose Christmas Cards and I've been on the search for a very very glittery gold polish, so why not DIY??  Take your glitter and add it into some clear polish and bam!  Your own nail polish :)

{THREE} Closet shopping:  Do you ever walk into your closet and say, F this! there is nothing wear in here.  Yep, raise your hands ladies.  This weekend I'm going to clean up my closet and take a few hours to look through what I have and put together some cute outfits featuring what I already have.

{FOUR} Hart of Dixie:  Bad new ladies, my addiction has pulled me back in.  And hard.  Six minutes into the pilot and i'm addicted.  Damnit.  Any of y'all fans?

{FIVE} Central Market:  If you live in Dallas you HAVE to go here.  Uhhh best grocery store. EVER.  Free Samples all around!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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