DIY - Moose Christmas Cards

11:10 AM

I am not married.  I do not have kids.  I do not have a dog.  I'd love to do a photo Christmas card, but me by myself seems like the worst idea ever.  But however I am in my mid twenties and I am crazy for Christmas, I'm currently watching Rudolph as I type, so I send out Christmas cards.

I wanted to find something simple for my cards this year, but couldn't find anything I liked.  And things I was on etsy or zazzle I could easily create myself.  So I decided to go with gold and white and a moose.
What you need:
Cardstock and envelopes (or you can buy a set of already cut cards, I opted with the later as I had a coupon)
tacky glue
ultra fine glitter
hairspray (i'm serious)
moose silhouette  

{one} finding a silhouette was the hardest part of this project.  All you have to do is use google, but finding the right one for your card... tricky.  So I found my image and printed it out for my stencil

{two} trace, very very lightly, the silhouette on your cards

{three} paint on tacky glue into the traced silhouette and glitter away

{four} let this dry throughly, then brush off any excess glitter so only your silhouette is glittered

{five} hairspray, 12 inches away, over your glittered silhouette

{six} sign your cards and mail away :)

I also added some gold paint onto my envelopes, just around the edges to add a little something something.  Happy holidays lovelies! 

PS - When I started this blog I only believed in posting QUALITY diy, recipes, and style posts.  I try to not fill my blog with things about my everyday life since you guys probably don't care (ha being blunt)... this has resulted in less posts on Tattered to Taylored.  Do you guys care about things I do on my weekends or should I stick to purely to posts worth sharing?  Does that make sense? 

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