A Few of My Favorite Things - Part 3

8:25 AM

Time to link up again with Cheers Y'all for her super fun Christmas post.  This week I'm sharing the top gifts for Moi!

{one} Harry Potter:  This is my #1 gift for the year.  My family has gotten the all the books over the years, but they remain at my Mom's house in Pennsylvania.  Everyoneeee should have a hardcover set?  Right?  No?  We'll I'd like one anyway.  I told Mom about it in like September... sooooo we'll see :)

{two} Shot + Chaser:  Uh how cool is this!  It keeps your shot separate from your chaser for a perfect transition!

{three} Philosphy:  For several years Mom would always get my the peppermint Philosphy scrub.  But I guess they don't make it anymore, so I'll have to go with the next best thing.  BUBBLE BATH YO!

{four} Cowboy Boots:  They don't have to be these in particular, but ya get the point...

{five} New Bag:  My current purse is beyond dead.  Like the fake leather is chipping dead.  I think a new one is needed...

Happy Tuesday Y'all!  And be sure to click home or go to my printables page to check out my new Christmas Printables!  I'm displaying the tree in my printables frame right now :)

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