What to do with old candle jars...

9:40 AM

How many pretty glass jars have you thrown away after the candle has burned down?  I've thrown away about 100 due to my candle addiction.  But then I learned how you could get the old candle wax out of jar :)  Then you can repurpose for storage or to make a new decoration.

{one}  Freeze your old candle glasses overnight

{two} You should now be able to use a butter knife to pop out the old candle wax

{three} Clean out your candle jar with soap and water

{four} Re purpose!!

I decided to add just some small candles and surround them with coffee beans.  Perfect for a Fall decoration and they smell great when the candle warms the beans. :)

On a side note, here are my top three goals this week as I link up today with Blooming Belles for their Monday May I link up...

{one} go to the gym: simple enough right?

{two} finish my thanksgiving decorations:  I'm excited to share a few of my ideas later this week :)

{three} thanksgiving recipes:  I think its time I jump on this and plan what I'll be cooking

Happy Monday Y'all!

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