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Hi folks!  This is my first post in the Wedding Wishes series.  I'm not engaged and I'm not getting married for a long time, but when the time comes I want to plan my own wedding.  And since I know nothing about planning one... I figured I should learn the skills now!  I've been doing a lot of reading, but have had a hard time finding a site that nails down ALL of the details, from something as big as color scheme down to cocktail napkins... I would love to hear from you ladies who have gone through the wedding planning experience in the comments!  Help us unwed girls out :)

I can't imagine the happiness a girl must feel when that special man in your life pops the question.  But after the tingles subside, what do you do?  Well, you call those important to you, get a manicure, pic a date and grab 10 wedding magazines... and

You might want some beautiful photos to commemorate this special time in your lives.  (or not if you or your SO are camera shy...)

WHO:  You have the choice of choosing a professional to snap the shots or you can ask someone you know who is handy with a camera.  If you have time, start to look for a wedding photographer, many include a free engagement shoot.  There are photographers who will tell you what to do and photographers who will be willing to do whatever you want them to.  Make sure the photog you pay for matches your personality.

WHEN:  If you have the option of choosing the time of your pictures... choose a time that will have great natural light.  Right before sunset is a great choice, as you probably won't want to wake up at three AM to catch the sunrise...

HOW LONG:   This is important if you're dealing with a professional and are paying by the hour.  If you only get one hour or less, you're going to have to stick to one location and maybe have enough time for one outfit change.  If you feel awkward taking pictures, you might not have enough time to feel comfortable for those great natural shots... Two or more hours is probably a safer bet if you can afford it, if not being prepared is always helpful

WHERE:  Where, oh where to take the photos?  Beach, the woods, a farm?  Choose a setting that means something to you a couple of course!

WEAR:  This one seemed important to me.  What do I wear? Should we match? Wear something you'll feel confident in.  Squishing yourself into that dress that doesn't let you breathe will show through in your pictures.  You both don't need wear all white either.  Bold colors work, especially if they're complimentary to what you future hubby has on and complimentary to your location.

IDEAS:  So you're at your photo-shoot in your dream location, and you don't know what to do.  You stand there, feeling awkward.  Before this happens go to Pintrest and look at engagement pictures.  Look at poses and things people are doing in their pictures.  And then look some more!  You don't HAVE to do the chalkboard pictures.  Remember, if you're going to get great shots that you want to last a lifetime, don't go with trendy pictures.  Do you - two.

Remember that is is supposed to be fun, its a special time in your lives that (fingers crossed) will only happen once.  And remind you SO of that too...

What did you learn from your engagement pictures?  Share in the comments please!  And check out my pintrest page featuring my favorite engagement pics :)

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