Five on Friday!

5:24 AM

Ahh the weekend has arrived!  Here are my top five for the week as I join up with Carolina Charm...

{one}  PSL in a box:  Did you guys know you can make your own PSLs or Chai lattes with this stuff?? You put in half of this mix and then half milk. I've been using light soy milk so my drink is like 100 calories and it tastes as good as Starbucks.  Hurry to target to get the last boxes of this seasonal mix!  But don't go to the Target in Downtown Dallas, because I bought the last two boxes they had...

{two} 88 cents:  Uh yeah each roll of this wrapping paper was on clearance for 88 cents at Target.  88 cents people!!! You can not get pretty wrapping paper for that price!

{three} Snowman Door:  I've been waiting a year to make my door this and I'm so excited the time is almost here! ... I doubt Dillon will love it.

{four} Giveaways!  I've won two giveaways in two weeks!!!! Do you know how exciting this is!!!?  I won a $30 gift card from When the Cows come Dancing Home and some beautiful earrings from Something Turquoise!  I think I need to pay it forward and host a giveaway of my own.  What do you guys want to win??

{five} Wedding Wishes:  No I'm not getting married, probably not for a very long time.  But if I do one day... I want to plan it and do everything myself.  Practice makes perfect right?  Next week I'm  starting my Wedding Wishes series!  I'll be learning how to plan wedding, long before I get married. Don't worry this won't be me planning my dream wedding, its about how you plan a wedding  yourself! So be sure to stop by next week for my first post - Engagement Pictures...

Happy Weekend Y'all!

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