Five on Friday 11/22

9:51 AM

The weekend has arrived!! It's D's big birthday weekend here is Dallas and I am so excited! And next week is Thanksgiving!  I bought my Turkey yesterday, thats the main thing right? Now I just uh stick it in the oven... Yeah I should look into that.

{one} Thanks Bottles:  I'm pretty content with how all my Thanksgiving Decor turned out but the Thanks bottles I made a few weeks ago are my crowning jewel.  Find out how to make your own:  Thanks Bottles

{two}  Roc Wrinkle Cream: Some of you might know about how I didn't wear my glasses or contacts for years.  Literally years... so I'd squint to see.  My forehead didn't agree with all the squinting I guess because I now have a pretty deep forehead wrinkles.  So I've been using ROC Wrinkle Cream religiously every night for about three weeks.  And I do notice a difference...

{three} Birthday Surprises:  As I mentioned we have a birthday in the house.  And finding fun things I can do for occasions like like this is... well hard.  We aren't a super mushy couple and a mason jar filled with date ideas wouldn't be used.  So I have to get creative.  So I made personalized beer labels of our favorite beers.  Pretty cool huh?  I'll be sharing the rest of my non romantic ideas next week :)

{four} Lyft:  If any of you live in a big city you should look into this.  Lyft is a donation based car service.  You use your phone to let the company know your location.  Someone comes and picks you up in their personal car (yep the one they drive around themselves everyday).  AND it has a pink mustache on it.  Then they take you to your destination and you pay them through your phone.  You can increase or decrease the amount.  You decide how much to give.  We have been using like four times a weekend.  The people are wayyyy friendlier than cab drivers...

{five}  Thank you:  I've been blogging for five months and am almost to 10,000 views!  Thank you so much to everyone who reads Tattered to Taylored and has shared their feedback.  My Goal is to bring fun DIY projects and recipes to y'all and love that some of you stop by daily to say hi.

Have a great weekend!

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