Five on Friday 11/15

5:30 AM

Middle of the month already!  Andddd its a Friday, whoooo hoooooo!   The weekend callllss!

{one}  E.L.F:   A dollar a makeup brush?  Deal!  I've been trying up my skills at putting on make up this week and having only one eyeshadow brush wasn't working out...

{two} Jacyln Hill:  This girl has all the tips on applying makeup.  Loving her tutorials as they're actually easy to follow and use colors that you probably already have... Check out her channel: Jaclyn Hill

{three} Perfect Curls:  Guess I'm sticking with the Beauty favorites this week... I was messing around my hair and I tend to get either harsh curls or frizzy curls.  One day of unwashed hair and this easy tutorial and you'll look like an Old Hollywood Starlet! Curlyyyy!

{four} Victoria Secret:  Well the annual fashion show happened a few nights ago.  We won't be able to see the whole thing it comes on tv on the 10th of December, butttt a sneak preview is always fun!  (Andddd makes me feel terrible about myself ha}

{five}  Dames Dinner:  Okay one not beauty thing.  On Wednesday I went to the Dames Dinner with my new Dallas girlfriends.  You make a reservation at The Standard Pour, and you go and you eat dinner. FOR FREE!  Yes they make a special dinner for all of their unescorted ladies and you go and you eat then you leave!  And the food was BEYOND delicious!  Like five star amazing.  Andddd they had Pumpkin Soup... The only thing I had to pay for was my drink.  And let me ask does "Peach Smash"  sound like the strongest whiskey drink you've ever had??  Yeah didn't think so...

Have a good one lovelies!!

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