DIY Thanksgiving Decor - Leaves Garland and a hand sewn pillow...

9:39 AM

Anyone else notice how hard it is to come by Thanksgiving decor?  Its like we just jump over the holiday decor wise... halloween to christmas.  So I've been thinking up some thanksgiving diy decor...

This first idea came from the fabulous Home Sweet Ruby and her Fall Garland.  I didn't have any felt and don't have a sewing machine so I had to alter her tutorial a bit.  Oh yeah and I added glitter... of course :)

  • leaf silhouettes
  • card-stock
  • glitter
  • ribbon
  • paint
{one} print out your leaf silhouettes and trace/cut them on the cardstock

{two} paint and glitter, paint and glitter my friends

{three}  tie your leaves onto your ribbon

Simple enough!

This next idea came from a pillow I saw on Pintrest, and its easy enough that you can make it yourself without a sewing machine

  • burlap - you can now get this in packages at Michaels!
  • paint
  • needle and thread
{one} Cut your burlap to the correct size, rip off two pieces of long thread and modge podge around the edges so you don't get fray

{two} Marker out your design and then paint it on

{three}  Sew up the long parts of the pillow inside out

{four} flip your pillow back to the correct side and using your two pieces of burlap thread sew up the side pieces.

These two ideas are easy and will add some thanksgiving spirit to your home :) 

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