DIY - Thanks Bottles

11:04 AM

Its no secret I am in love with acrylic paint.  I use it on, well almost everything.  Painting objects is the easiest way to bring them back to life.  And painting discarded bottles is one of my favorite ideas, I even use painted bracelets as a bracelet holder.  So I decided to take the six pack we drank over the weekend and turn it into Thanksgiving decor!

  • Six beer bottles
  • Paint
  • Corn husks

{one} Remove the labels from your bottles. You can do this easily by submerging the bottles into a mixture of warm water and baking soda. Let the bottles sit in there for about a half hour and the labels will peel right off! Just use a sponge and some soap to scrub off any remaining glue.

{two} Paint up your bottles. It tends to take me a few coats to get them completely opaque. Add one the wording to your newly painted bottles...

{three} Stuff in your corn husks!!

Voila! An almost FREE Thanksgiving décor piece that will be perfect for the approaching Turkey Day!

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