A whole chicken: A first-timer's guide

10:00 AM

The thought of cooking a whole chicken has terrified me for quite some time.  The idea that it has stuff inside it that I'd have to touch freaked me out.  But alas, thanksgiving is a few weeks away and that means that I'll have to cook a turkey, which seems to me to be a bigger task than a chicken, so might as well start small.  I purchased 6 lb whole chicken from the grocery store and planned on roasting/baking it.  I had looked into using my trusty crockpot, but didn't want my first chicken to fall away from the bones.

I started by putting my chicken in the sink and removing it from the bag.  Okay, I can handle this... I then put it on a plate and patted it dry.  (I've read to not rinse your chicken, do y'all rinse?)  Then I stared at said chicken.  I googled what side I take the stuff out of (I was honestly that clueless).  Turns out it is the side, by the legs.  I stuck my hand in there and was planning on feeling a plastic bag filled with stuff.  Nope!  Of course I bought one of the few chickens in America that comes without a bag of goodies.  So I proceeded to pull the insides out.  At first it freaked me out a little bit, but I quickly overcame my fear.  After I removed everything inside I proceeded to my recipe:

What you need:
  • a whole chicken, with the giblets and neck removed
  • onion powder
  • sea salt
  • black pepper
  • 1/2 cup margarine
{one} set your oven to preheat to 350 while you prep your chicken.  Take your chicken and pat it dry. 

{two}  season with salt, pepper, and onion powder inside and outside

{three} put three tablespoons of butter on the inside of the bird and the rest around the bird

{four} bake uncovered for 1 hour and fifteen minutes

{five} remove from the heat and baste with the drippings

{six} cover the bird with aluminum foil and allow to rest for 30 minutes

I did it, baked a basic chicken.  We did have some talk over if our chicken was "done" perse as it was a little bloody.  But after doing some research it seems like we were okay, do you ever have this issue?

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