Thin Hair

3:11 PM

Hi ladies!  We made it to Wednesday! Only two more till the weekend!  I wanted to share with you a new product I've been using...

My sophomore year in college my hair starting falling out.  It might have been stress or poor nutrition that triggered it, but it happened.  Through the past few years I've dealt with weeks of my hair falling out and then it would subside... then it would happen again.  (A lot worse could be happening so I don't mean to complain.)  The last two weeks it's been happening again.  I'm assuming its from the stress I've felt during the last month while we prepared for our move to Texas.  I've been so stressed that I've developed an eye twitch, luckily that has almost completely subsided.

Anyway... this week I went to Target on a search for a shampoo or product that would mask my fine hair.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon this line by John Frieda.  It's called "Luxurious Volume".  I normally can't stand spending more than $3 dollars a bottle of shampoo, but I sprung for this... $6 dollars a bottle...Yikes! (Why I can spend six dollars on a fancy beer that will be gone in a half hour vs a bottle of shampoo that I'll use for a month is beyond me).  I purchased the shampoo, the conditioner, and the root booster...

I am beyond thrilled with the results.  My hair hasn't looked this thick for a long time.  If you have a fine hair I highly suggest giving this line a try.  You won't be disappointed with the results!

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