Monday May I...

8:53 AM

Monday already... sigh.  I am happy to say I had a very fun weekend filled with fried beer and fried oreos at the state fair!  Nothing says Texas like that place... But after all the fun on Saturday, I've come down with a dreaded cold on Sunday and I'm feeling 10x worse today.  Hopefully this doesn't turn into the flu.  Anyone want to share some Vitamin C?

This week I have some pretty simple goals... lets go! 

{one} Finish my final blog design: I've been working on this for a few weeks now and it is finally starting to come together.  I must have changed the concept 100 times.  But I think by the end of the week it will be ready for its big premiere... Here is a little preview, what the to in Tattered to Taylored will look like... 

{two} Sunshine Award:  I am beyond excited for this one!  Jamie over at The Growing Up Diaries has nominated me for the Sunshine Award! Yipee!  So this week I must fill out my answers :) 

{three} Paleo Chocolate:  I love chocolate.  Love, love love.  But we try to eat Paleo round here, boo I know.  So I'm going to attempt to make some Paleo chocolate this week for a Halloween treat.  I'll share if it goes well.  If I don't, well you know what happened. 

Happy Monday Y'all! 

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