Monday May I... 10/14

8:32 AM

Doesn't the weekend fly by too quickly?  I can't believe it is Monday already!  One good thing about today?  Monday May I...  I'm linking up with Blooming Belles for their Monday Link up.

{one} Be nice: I'm stealing this one from Blooming Belles, but I want to be nice to everyone this week.  No matter what.  Positive energy people!

{two} Paint a Pumpkin:  I have my pie pumpkin sitting out ready to go, I just need to decide how to paint it... I love these!

{three} Find a new Mapping host:  I currently use image-maps to map my images, but the site keeps crashing making somethings on my homepage the dreaded blank box.  What sites do y'all use?

Happy Monday!

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