Here for the Boo-s... DIY

10:43 AM

Do you ever paint glasses?  I went through a slight obsession when I discovered how to do it!  This is the perfect glass to sip your "Boos" from this Halloween season or can be a simple gift to give a hostess at a party this October.

What you need
  • a wine glass
  • paint for glass
  • an oven
  • parchment paper
{one} Clean off your glass well

{two} Decide how you want to paint your glass and then do it!  I taped paper my design and wording on the inside of my glass so the design would be perfect-ish.  And I can not draw anything so I used a ghost from Picmonkey :) Let your paint cure for a few hours.

{three} Put your glass in a COLD oven and then turn on your oven to 350.  After twenty minutes, turn off your oven and leave your glass in the oven for ten more minutes.  

Voila, Halloween perfection.

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