Five on Friday 10/25

5:00 AM

Its the weekend and Halloween weekend none the less! And I am so exciteeddd!  Friday means it is time to link up with the lovely Carolina Charm, The Good Life, A. Liz Adventures , and Hello Happiness

{one} Oak Lawn Block Party: This Saturday is a Halloween Block Party that I'll be attending.  Over 30,000 people will be there!  So my Halloween costume for this event will be... uh yeah haven't gotten that far yet.  Ideas anyone?

{two} New Blog Design:  I've spent the last two weeks figuring out what I wanted my blog to look like and its finally complete!  What do you think?

{three}  John Frieda Heat Protectant:  I am crazy about John Frieda products lately.  They've been making my hair look better than ever.  The Heat Protectant definitely has been preventing some frizz...

{four} Revenge: This show is the best.  Better than vampire diaries and pretty little liars put together.  If you haven't watched it, open up Netflix right now and watch it.  You will not be disappointed friends!

{five} Paleo Chocolates: These chocolates are delicious.  And they're paleo.  Perfect Halloween Treat?  Yes indeed...

Happy Friday Y'all!  Whoo hooo weekend!

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