DIY Metal Letters - but not!

8:00 AM

This past weekend I went to Anthropolgie and fell in love with these metal letters.  But, they cost $18 dollars each.  So they were not purchased.  I decided to make my "metal" letters, I had everything I needed so these were... FREE!  And  I thought they would go perfectly on our new picture ledge.

What you need:
  • cardboard
  • letter stencils 
  • aluminum foil
  • modge podge
  • paint
{one} I started by cutting out my letters stencils that I printed out HERE.  I traced the letters onto the cardboard and cut them out.  I also used the stencil to cut out my letter on the aluminum foil

{two} cover the edges of your letters with modge podge and aluminum foil

{three} modge podge the front of your cardboard letter and carefully press on your aluminum foil letter

{four} modge podge up the back of your letter with some of your extra aluminum foil.  Let your letters dry.

{five} brush paint on top of your letter and then wipe it off to give you new letters an aged looked

These are super easy to make and look pretty good considering their price...NOTHING! Sorry for the bad quality photos btw, I'm working off my phone for a camera...

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