The Look for Less!

8:00 AM

I don't know about you... but I'm on a budget.  A budget where I spend absolutely ZERO dollars on clothes, okay maybe a little more than zero...  I wanted to share some of the more expensive stylish staples for fall and share where you could get them for less... way less!

A leather jacket is an essential for fall.  You can pair it with skinny jeans you already have and a T-shirt or wear it with one of your summer dresses and cowboy boots...  I love this coach leather jacket, but its $798.  I like it a lot more at the Express price... only $110 (use a coupon and it will be even less!)

Last week I shared with you some oxfords that I was really loving.  The pair I saw originally at the mall were from J Crew and were pulling in $248 a pair... Yikes!  Instead, I intend to snag a pair from Sorvagur's on for only $39.99!

If you can pull off leather pants... Do it.  They look sexy and sophisticated if paired with the right pieces, like a silk button down and heels.  However, that sophisticated look can come at a price.  Real leather pants from 7 for Mankind will cost you $189.  Steal the fake version from Express for only $69.90.

You may be surprised by this one, but beanie hats are supposed to be hip this fall.  Bad hair day AND I can wear a hat AND be cool = score!  But don't pay too much for that hat, skip the department store and stop by Village Hat shop and get it for only $16.95

Have you scored any fall trends on the cheap?  Where at?

XOXO Taylor

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