The five tips that will solve your annoying problems

11:09 AM

These five tips have saved me tons of time.  You should start using this tips NOW!

{ONE} Tissue box meets bags:  Plastic bags, Plastic bags, Plastic bags.  Do you have any idea how many plastic bags were under our sink?  Seems like a cajillion.  I am trying to switch us over to the fabric bags as I am on a mission to save the world by making an effort I can, but somehow we still have a million bags.  So what you need is an empty tissue box... thats it!  Stuff the bags in there... I don't know how but all of our bags fit into this tiny box... such a space saver1

{TWO} Straws meet necklaces:  This saved me a lot of hassle when we moved.  Slip each of your delicate necklaces into straws.  I was able to put all of my necklaces into the same bag and NONE of them got tangled up! Thank you Sew Many Ways for this awesome idea!

{THREE} Binder clip meets wallet:  Every time I go to the Coach store I want to buy one of those pretty tiny card holders, but I don't.  I switch purses often and when I go out I end up carrying a tiny wristlet that my wallet doesn't fit into.  Have a binder clip?  Keep all your cards and your keys on that! Wanna make it cuter?  Paint the binder clip :)

{FOUR} Tilex meets mold:  When we were moving from Tampa to Dallas the caulk in our shower had mold on it.  Since its caulk I was puzzled how to get the mold off.  I scrubbed, I scrounged, I used vinegar, I used toilet cleaner. Nothing would move this mold.  I was about to give up, but then I found Tilex Mold and Mildew.  Spray a ton on and leave it on overnight.  Come back in the morning and the mold is gone! I didn't even have to wipe it off!  Its like the bathroom angel came and it scrubbed it away for me!  Get this stuff, pronto!

{FIVE} Wash meets uh wash:  I started menu planning recently and its been a big success.  I actually make different dinners every night and I don't get the "chicken again?" look.  I'm on a quest to become a domestic goddess, hahaha yeah, and doing wash all Sunday used to be my thing.  I'd do eight loads on Sunday, sit on my bed, watch True Blood and Sex and the City re-runs while I folded.  But now! I've started a new system.  One laundry basket in the bathroom, when it fills up, I do the wash.  Thats it!  I do have to do a load a day, but its so much better than wasting my Sunday...

Hope at least one of these tips help you have an easier day!  Taking care of one man is hard, I can't image how all you Mommies do it!

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