Style: Wear to Work @ Home

12:13 PM

Hello friends!  New York Fashion week has ended.  Seeing all the beautiful women in their beautiful clothes makes me want to dress up! BUT! I'm a very lucky lady to be joining the ranks of work from home-rs. I've already slipped into the pajama game.  I'm terrified I'll continue to wake up and walk to my computer. [Okay, maybe brush my teeth as well]

I want to still dress for work, maybe not as business-y as I did when I was at the office, but still nice.  I really think it will help me stay focused on the files for the day.  So I put together some easy cute outfits I could wear to work @ home :) As always, all outfits are actually affordable!  And yes I wear leggings as pants, don't judge, I won't have this butt forever, so might as well embrace it now.

necklace - contact seller

The days I don't feel like looking like a lady, I'ma wear these... because they are the best pair of pajama pants EVER! 

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