Friday! 09-06

7:08 AM

Time for the best day of the week... Friday!  I'm linking up with fellow bloggers Carolina CharmThe Good LifeA. Liz Adventures , and Hello Happiness for some Five on Friday fun :)

{ONE} Monroe:  My new fish friend is most certainly at the top of the list this week!  Monroe is such a cutie and he will follow my finger all over his bowl!  Its nice to have a friend by new desk while I work, and Monroe loves to watch me type!

{TWO} Fall decorations: Now that I finally have an apartment I've been able to put out some of my fall decorations!  I've been saving up wine bottles for a while so I could make cute Halloween bottle decorations :)

{THREE} Vampire Diaries: Unfortunately, I've fallen into a Vampire Diaries marathon.  The new season does premiere soon, and I need to be ready. Can you blame me?

{FOUR} Styling: Even though I don't dress to impress every single day, I wish I would! So i'm really enjoying creating some cool outfits for my blog readers!  I base most of my outfits from the things I already have in my closet... so its nice to go look at my posts of outfit ideas.  You can check out some of my outfits over HERE on my Style page.

{FIVE} GPS: A big new city with a lot of traffic.  I would be totally and completely lost without my gps on my phone!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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