Framed State Maps - DIY

12:50 PM

We have just moved to our third state in a year and half!  Gosh, time certainly flies... I wanted to make a piece for our new apartment that highlighted all of places we've lived so far and when I saw this idea on Pintrest, I just had to make a custom one!  And, if we move, again,  we can always add more maps...

What you need:
Your maps from HERE (open the preview and then right click and save as a gip)
a frame or two (your size will depend on how many states you use)

Print out your maps.  Your frame size will determine what size to print out your maps.  My frames are 5x7 (only $3 each from Wal-Mart) but with the matting I had to print out 3x5 maps.  Cut out your maps.

Add a nice piece of cardstock behind the maps.  I'm framing my maps next to a black and gold mirror so I thought I'd stick with the flow and paint my cardstock gold.  Throw the maps in the frame and BadaBing!

Instant Art :)  If you've only lived in one state, you can open the map up to "print" and it will print out as the whole page, this way you can have a nice big map to frame :)

Ps - There is a new friend working in my office... Monroe is the name I've chosen for my new office fish friend :) 

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