DIY Mousepad

8:14 AM

I've been working on some things for my home office and a mouse pad was on my list.  This mouse pad is great because you can use any fabric you want and it can match your theme exactly.  I wanted something that would match the black and white theme I'm creating and had extra fabric left from my cork-board I made last week.  In total this craft cost me $1.00, I only had to buy the craft foam :)

What you need:
Craft Foam (try to get a thicker sheet if you can... if not you can double it up)
Spray Adhesive

I used a burner cover for my stencil of how big I wanted my mousepad to be and traced that onto my craft foam.

I cut out my craft foam into the circle I traced

I cut out my fabric into that same circle,  I did make the fabric circle a little bigger than my foam circle.  This was I could trim off the ends and it would be a perfect fit.  (If you have any wrinkles, make sure to iron them out)

I sprayed my adhesive onto the craft foam and then laid my fabric circle on top.  It only took about a half hour to completely dry.  Then cut around the circle, so the fabric fits perfectly!

This project only takes a few minutes, is cheap, and can add some chic-ness to your office :)

Now, I just need a desk!

XOXO Taylor

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