Blooming Belles - Charmed and Southern Guest Post

8:00 AM

Hey y'all!

I am so very excited to guest post for Taylor while she is moving to the great state of Texas! {Yee Haw!} Did you know Taylor used to say Yee-haa? Without the W? We sure taught her a thing or two during her short time with us in Florida... Ok no more secrets about Taylor. Moving on... :o)

A quick little bit about me... My name is Kristen  and not only do I work with Taylor but I am also a Jewel Kade Stylist, Wifey, Dog-Mommy, Matron of Honor, and so much more. I am sharing my 1st year experience in the direct sales industry at my blog Come check it out - you may fall head over heels in love with Jewel Kade as I did! It's a great way to make additional income and it is so easy! I've already made over $500 commission in less than 30 days. {I know, I can't believe it either!} Plus, Jewel Kade is just starting out, so there is SO much room to grow!!

I am very excited to share that Taylor and I did a lot more than just talk about celebrity gossip and blogging ideas during our lunch breaks. During her last few days as a Floridian, we designed and created a new blog which I am going to share with you today! Our mission for this blog is to become a place where new bloggers, or "blooming" bloggers, can stop by to gain inspiration and motivation! We have proudly named it, "Blooming Belles" and you can find it at

Each month we will select a "Blooming Belle" to guest post on the blog and share her story and her blog with all of us. We hope this will help new bloggers gain followers and share their story without spending a dime! Here girls can share tips and tricks or knowledge they have acquired along the way. We also plan on inviting new graphic designers to share their skills or discount services. And finally we would love to have some very talented and successful bloggers stop by to tell us their success story and share even more inspiration!

It's positivity at every corner and that is just how we like it!

I'll end my guest post with another Taylor secret: She can sing every word of the original N'SYNC album. {and so can I, so I am not judging} The end :o)

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