Weekend Recap!

11:49 AM

Summer is winding down... even though we live in Tampa.   You can feel it and all the school supplies and fall clothes in stores make it known. But moving on with my weekend.  Friday night we did something we hardly ever do... STAYED IN! As soon as we get home from work we typically run out to meet up with friends on a Friday night.  Instead we stayed in and watched a movie.  And honestly, I had a great time :)  We watched Drinking Buddies, the one with Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson (the guy from New Girl).  I enjoyed it, but its definitely an indie-ish movie. 

Saturday morning was spent poolside reading Ender's Game.  I had to take a legs pic... have ya'll seen "legs or hotdogs", just think about it.  Are these really my legs or are they hotdogs?

Saturday afternoon we went to our favorite place, Ybor.  I love to go to New World Brewery and just grab a few beers with Dill.  As a bonus, they have Simpson's Pinball there.  I am absolutely TERRIBLE at Pinball, but when I keep the ball up for more than 20 seconds = success!

Sunday was the best day of my weekend.  We started off the morning with a bacon weaved breakfast taco.  Did you know you could WEAVE bacon?  If you're ever making breakfast for your man, this will most certainly impress him.  I didn't take pictures of the actual process, because honestly I didn't think this would work! You'll need thick cut bacon...

1.  Preheat your oven to 425
2.  Weave you bacon on a cookie sheet, we had to use our whole package of bacon, least its Paleo
3.  Throw your weaved bacon into the oven for about 15 minutes.
4.  Pat your bacon dry with some paper towels, we used almost a whole roll!
5.  Put a big baking bowl on top of your bacon and use a pizza cutter to cut out your perfect circle,   cook for a few minutes more. **Make sure your bacon is beginning to cook together before you complete this step, if not... cook longer
5.  After your bacon is cooked together but not hard yet, get two glass cups and kabob sticks.  Take the kabob sticks and let them sit ontop of the glasses with some space in between.  Then you need to get your bacon circle and hang it from the sticks... so its forms a taco shape.
6.  Turn up the heat in your oven to 500 and let it cook a little longer.  We cooked it a little tooo long and set off the smoke detector in our house :-P
7.  Once you take your taco out, let it sit for a few minutes so it sets into its delicious taco shape.

Eggs and peppers were our taco stuffing.  Like I said, want to impress your man?  Wake up early and surprise him with this!  It is most certainly a "Manly Breakfast."

We spent the rest of Sunday at the Dunedin Brewery.  They had an apricot peach beer, a perfect way to round out our summer. :-(


 How was your weekend?

XOXO Taylor

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