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Post Its. I use a lot of Post Its.  There are Post Its on my desk, Post Its in my handbag, Post Its, Post Its, Post Its! Ah I can't take it anymore.  Due to Post It overload I have decided to get organized.  Also, I've been very, very tempted by the school supplies...  You don't need much to get your life in order.  Just a nice white binder, Pintrest, and a printer.  Target has white 1 inch binders for a $1.79 and I snagged some Bic permenant markers on sale for only $5!  I've been so inspired by some of the things I've seen online, I wanted to share with you all what I'll be doing to organize!

I started off my organization craze with a cool binder cover.  I found the perfect one for me at A Year of Many Firsts blog.  It absolutely gorgeous and colorful!  You add your own initials using her monogram font and get to choose from four different color palettes, so its extra personal!  Her blog tells you exactly what to do to get these covers and exactly how to insert your initials!  I'll certainly be stopping back there for more great ideas :) To keep all of our bill due dates, trips, and everything else in order I searched and searched for perfect monthly calendars.  I wanted my binder to have a crisp and clean look so I decided to stick with the chevron pattern.  I found great printable 2013 calendars at Oh So Lovely.  They're so pretty and will keep everything organized for the rest of the year. 

I've only been blogging for a few weeks now and have so many things I want to share with you!  A page in my new binder must be dedicated to my new favorite hobby! Emily Ley has a wonderful printable that will aid in preparing posts and sticking to my personal deadlines.

 Everything on her site is lovely! I really want one of her coffee mugs, so I can sip some tea while I organize my life! Check her out HERE!

How do you stayed organized for yourself and family?

XOXO Taylor

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