MaddieCat&Me Jewelry - Inspiration!

9:11 AM

Two weeks ago I shared with all of you my gorgeous gold wishbone necklace by MaddieCat and Me designs.  I'm so excited to share with you some more MaddieCat pieces!  MaddieCat has been designing jewelry for a few years now and sells on Etsy and at Rice's flea market in New Hope Pennsylvania.  (If you haven't been to Rice's and live in PA, I suggest you go, there are so many vendors and I always have a great time!)  My new MaddieCat necklace is coming this week and I can't wait! Yay!

Here is what MaddieCat had to say:

Hi! MaddieCat and Me here! I know, I know what kind of name is that!  Found TatteredtoTaylored's blog and just love all her ideas. To be honest she is my daughter! So proud of her and her new blog. She loves crafting on the cheap to chic! I also love to craft. Guess maybe she gets a little from me ;-) I have my own line of jewelry and  also make Swarovski sun catchers... Here  are a few examples of what I like to craft...

Check me out sometime on at either MaddieCat and Me or Crystalcatcher. With both my daughters going out on their own it gives me something fun to do! I make a little extra money and with a child in college I can really use it! Hope you can get a little inspiration to start a new hobby for yourself. Who knows maybe you'll be Taylor's next guest blogger! And I can't wait to see all the new ideas coming our way this fall on Taylor's blog.

XOXO Taylor

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