Jennifer Aniston #Makeupfree!

11:41 AM

I am not a HUGE J Aniston fan.  I didn't really watch Friends and most of her movies tend to be subpar.  I did however LOVE Horrible Bosses, if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it!  I am also looking forward to We are the Millers.  So here we go...

Jennifer posted a pic on her Instagram of herself MAKEUP FREE!!

I love when celebs post pics of themselves natural.  I mean I still look 100x worst than her without makeup, but its refreshing to see her without makeup.  It makes me feel like, "Hey, she's not so perfect after all!"  It definitely makes me like her more...

But this makes me just dislike her again...

That's her engagement ring!  That is massive at 8 carats!  The Bennifer engagement ring wasn't even that big was it?!  Don't get me wrong, I really love the ring, but its not to "engagement-y" is it?  Great from the red carpet... not so great for the grocery store.

What you do you all think of Jennifer's fresh face and huge rock? 

XOXO Taylor

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