For the Non-Romantic man...

2:34 PM

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO DILLON AND I!  We have been dating for 4 wonderful years :)  Dillon and I aren't very big on lovey dovey stuff... I don't know many men who are.  So when our anniversary rolls around I try to do small practical things that Dillon won't think are too weird or mushy.

I pack Dillon's lunch in the morning and he always get a banana.  But this banana was special!  I used the magic of oxygen for this one.  Take a butter knife and lightly press into the banana to write a message.  I wrote Happy 4th Anniversary.  I got a text around 1o'clock saying, "Got your banana, pretty awesome."  So this one is anti-mush boyfriend approved!

After my shower, I wrote on the steamed up mirror Happy 4th Anniversary!  When Dillon got home from work and took his shower, a magic message appeared!

As you all know, I'm rather cheap.  All I had to wrap Dill's gifts was Christimas Tree paper... so I upgraded it myself with some sharpies :)  I did some easy designs like polka dots and swirls.  I personalized it with our names and 4's.  Sorry the pic is so wrinkly... Dillon ripped off the paper before I could get a pic... :-P

I think the coolest thing I did for our anniversary was in the card I made.  Dillon has been dying for the D'Angelo Voodoo special edition album on Vinyl, so that's what I ended up getting him.  But in the card I made I wrote a nice little note and including all the track names in order in the note...

This was really hard to do and took a lot of time, but Dillon thought it was awesome.  He was so proud he sent pics of my love note to his friends!  They thought it was awesome as well!  (If you want to do this idea make all the title tracks a different color, so they stand out, and your spouse isn't like "the writing in this note is terrible!!")

All of these ideas were GOLD for my anniversary and Dillon wasn't creeped out by my romantics at all! Score!!

What cool things do you do for you significant other that aren't too over the top?

XOXO Taylor

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