Five on Friday! 08/23

6:52 AM

This has been such a great week I didn't even mind it!  But nonetheless my favorite day remains Friday! I love that feeling around 4:30 at work when you know you are heading towards two full days of freedom.  Without further adieu, here are my top favorite things for this week!

{ONE} "T" Necklace:  Wednesday I received a big package from home and inside were my two of my favorites for this week!  Earlier this week I featured some jewelry from MaddieCat and Me and mentioned I was excited for my T initial necklace to come!  Well it came and I LOVE it!  Its so small and delicate.  I really love short chained necklaces (about 15 inches) and this one had just that.  If you want one for yourself, just send an email to MaddieCat through this link and click on "Contact Shop Owner" on the left side.  She'd be more than happy to make a custom design for you!

{TWO} Vision: I've needed glasses since I was in first grade.  And I've always stuck with glasses... not like I really wore them, only when I drove or went to the movies.  My eyes have continually worsened over the years, so even though I thought they were scary, I finally have moved on to contacts!  And I can not believe why in the world I waited so long get them!  I'm so blessed to be able to see and not have glasses on!  Honestly, the difference is so astounding it kind of freaks me out how I wasn't wearing anything before, HOW DID I DRIVE!  And a great addition to my new sight is the box the year supply of contacts came in.  Its a lovely box, and so sturdy!  I think I may even cover the box with fabric or something to use the box to hold jewelry! 

{THREE} Printables:  I am still very excited about my binder I made earlier this week.  I'm not finished with it, but when I am I'm sure my life will become much more organized.  The best part about making a binder is definitely the use of printables.  There are so many that are so useful you can just find on Pintrest!  My favorite printable this week was definitely this awesome chevron monogrammed binder cover.  You can get the how-to HERE along with some of my other favs :)

{FOUR}Charmed and Southern: I am loving this blog and check it multiple times a day haha. Charmed and Southern sells jewelry for Jewel Kade and also shares great Do It Yourself projects. I think her tutorial to make jewelry displays is such a simple idea that you could make it work for lots of things.... a tray in the bathroom or to serve drinks on perhaps? Her site is definitely worth a look at!

{FIVE} 80's Movies: We don't have cable so I spend a lot of time of Netflix.  And I'm happy to say Netflix is currently streaming Pretty in Pink AND The Breakfast Club AND Ferris Buller's Day Off! Mom introduced me to Pretty in Pink when I was in high school and I was hooked.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for those Brat Pack movies.  Emillo Esteves in the 80's... what a guy.  I was like, "EMILLIO!" (That was a Night at the Roxby Reference, yes I know I'm a dork)...

As always, big shout out to Carolina Charm for the Friday Link-Up!  Happy Friday Everyone!

XOXO Taylor

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