Five on Friday! 08/16

12:22 PM

Weekend! Weekend! Weekend!  Man, I look forward to today all week long... FRIDAY!  Here are my Top Five for the week :)

{ONE} Shutterfly has become my favorite thing!  I wrote a post earlier this week about my recent obsession with family yearbooks and my first edition that I'm currently creating, Dillon and Taylor's Adventures.  Scroll down my recent posts to see more about this fun project! And Yes, our friend can blow fire and I did make a costume out of Busch cases...

{TWO} My favorite song this week has become "In a City Without Seasons" by The One AM Radio.  Everyone is getting their school supplies together, whether its for college or for their kiddies.  The beach chairs are going into the basement and swimsuits are in the bottom drawer.  Oh wait... I live in TAMPA.  SUMMER CONTINUES!   This song reminds me of here.  We'll be having summer for a few more months and its so humid at night I sometimes hate it.  I certainly live "In a City Without Seasons"

Give it a listen for yourself!

{THREE} Ahh Pier One Summer Clearance Sale... How I despise thee.  How cute it this lantern!  Guess the price... EIGHT DOLLARS!   Solid Steal.  A while ago, I saw a girl who used her lantern as a decoration and each holiday she would update it with different things inside... like a teeny pumpkin and some hay for Halloween or gold beads and ornaments for Christmas!  Such a cute idea, and for a such a great price you should all run and get one before they're gone!

{FOUR} Credit-card bottle opener? Yes! This was one of the gifts I got Dillon for our anniversary and he loved it!  He was popping off twist off bottles because he was so excited!  This opener was super sturdy and fit perfectly in his wallet.  The engraving made it even more special and sophisticated!  This could be a great gift for you hubby or even for groomsmen!

{FIVE} Number five this week is a person, my very special boyfriend, Dillon.  This week we had our 4 year anniversary... so I guessss he's one of my favorites for this week.  He has forbid me from posting his picture, so just imagine someone tall, handsome and dreamy... :-P  He looks somewhat like this...

Thank you so much Carolina Charm for the link up!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

XOXO Taylor

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