Five on Friday! 08/09

7:40 AM

Happy Friday!  The weekend is finally here!  This is my first week joining in on the 5 on Friday Fun!  So here we go...

ONE - Have ya'll heard about this pin? The Goody Modern Updo Pin?  IT IS AMAZING!  Like probably the best creation for hair since the hair brush!  You will NEVER need another hair tie again.  You need to just trust me on this one and buy it.  One of my girlfriends has had this clip for a few years now and whenever I see her she just whips it out of her bag and puts her hair up in a beautiful bun... finally I said WHERE DO I GET ONE OF THOSE!  It took some serious searching and some practice but WOW!  A good $5 purchase!


TWO - Now these are also AMAZING!  You need to go and buy these right now!  They're called M Berries... no they're not drugs... they're *whispered* magic!  You put one of these on your tongue and let them dissolve and suddenly, the earth shifts!  Totally different palette!  Dillon and I could EAT lemons without a single pucker!  I drank vinegar!  You have to try these... like I said *whispered* magic...
THREE - My wishbone necklace is certainly a favorite piece in my collection right now :)  And its definitely a favorite among celebrities!  Thanks Maddie Cat and Me Designs!  (MaddieCat will be a guest blogger this upcoming week, so look out!)

FOUR - Robin Thicke... I'm a fan.  I'm really liking his new album.  There are a couple songs that really get me going on my runs... so much so that I was able to run a 9 minute and 12 second mile!  Which for me is AMAZING!  I started running towards the end of April and was at a 13 minute mile, so to get down to 9:12 feels great!  My top three songs on the album: #3 "Ain't No Hat 4 That" #2 "Feel Good" and #1 "Pressure".  I'm certainly be jamming to those this weekend :)

FIVE - The final thing I've loving this week is pretty name.  It's computer coding haha.  As you can tell I'm new to the blogging world and setting up a blog with html code is NOT FUN!  But it is most certainly rewarding :-P  Once you finally figure out how to do that random thing on your blog that some random article motioned you feel great! Whoooo codes!

So there we have it! My first 5 on Friday!  Special thanks to Carolina Charm for the link up!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

XOXO Taylor

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