DIY... Chalkboard it!

6:23 PM

Mom sent me these beautiful flowers on my birthday last week.  They came in this super cute pink and polkadot watering can!  Now I most certainly am a BIG fan of pink, but I don't think Dillon would appreciate me decking the house out with pink decor :-P

I decided I wanted to use this watering can for a cute little prop in my kitchen for the time being. Everything in my kitchen is black or white.  I've always found those colors to be refreshingly classic.  I can always add an accent color and can switch the accent color to match whatever apartment we are currently living in.  Right now we have red accents, but who knows what will be next!

So I went with black for the watering can since I have several large bowls and plates that are solid white.  A great thing about the matte black paint I used... ta-da a chalkboard!

You can use a lot of random items you may have add some acrylic matte black paint and you'll get the chalkboard effect!

Here is my before... the pink doesn't go well with all of my black and white...
Add some paint...

And Ka-Bam!  Instant watering-can turned chalkboard :) 

XOXO Taylor

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