Crafts on Crafts on Crafts!

7:35 AM

I've decided that next week will be a crafting week!  I've seen some great ideas online lately and am excited to tackle them!  Doing it myself makes my new items so much more special.  And I think they typically turn out looking better than if I'd bought them... AND CHEAPER!  So here are some of the projects I plan on doing...

I absolutely LOVE Carolina Charm's site.  Her posts are always interesting and she has a great layout.  I think her Pretty Pen Pots are so lovely!  Its a great way to add some color to an office setting :) Head over to her site to see her great tutorial on how to make these pen pots!

Sticking with the office theme, she has another great office DIY!  If you have a lot of notes/papers you need to always be looking at when you're working, a cork board is a necessity.  Hence this DIY fabric cork board!  Click HERE for the simple how-to!

Finally, out door mat is ugly.  Its ugly plain dark grey and I HATE IT!  But buying a new one seems like a waste of money since what we have does its job... BUT I've seen so many tutorials on how to upgrade your Door Mat I've solved the problem.  I'm not sure which design I'll go with yet, but all of these are great options...

Have you found any great DIYs you're dying to try??

XOXO Taylor

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