Crafts on Crafts on Crafts Follow-Up

1:43 PM

Last week I shared with you all some crafts I was looking forward to.  Well last night was most certainly a crafting night, complete with a viewing of Bridget Jones' Diary.  (By the way I'm so excited for the third book to come out!  Just another thing I'm looking forward to this Fall!)  I was able to complete my upgraded doormat, tin can pen pots, and my cork board!

My door mat was originally just plain gray, boring!  I upgraded it with some cool teal paint.  I had a very hard time cutting out a stencil for my "welcome" in the right hand corner, so I just winged it.  The "welcome" by itself didn't seem like enough color so I also painted the border of the door mat as well.  Overall, I really like the color I chose to go with the gray.  Not to shabby!

These Pen pots from Carolina Charm are SO easy!  Like the easiest project ever, BUT they look absolutely amazing!  I am so excited to put all my colored sharpies and pens in these when I use them at work!  All you have to do is use the can label as a template when you cute out your scrapbook paper choices!  You can find the full tutorial HERE!

My favorite project of the night though was most certainly my new corkboard.  I've had this black and white fabric for quite some time now and never knew what to do with it.  And I even have enough extra fabric to make a small pillow to go on my office chair! Yipee!  Since I decided to stick with a black and white theme for my office this was perfect!  Pushing in all the pins did take some time, but it looks very sharp! This is another project from Carolina Charm and the instructions are HERE!

Now... what crafts shall I attempt tonight?  Any ideas!?

XOXO Taylor

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