GIVAWAY! 5 on Friday! 08/30

6:58 AM

ATTENTION! Labor Day weekend is upon us!  Summer is winding down and I'm most certainly looking towards fall!

{ONE} So Long Summer Giveaway:  If anything screams fall, its the release of pumpkin items at Starbucks!  Pumpkin spiced latte, Pumpkin spiced Frappiccino, Pumpkin Spiced Bread... sigh, I'm in heaven... To celebrate the release of all these goodies I'm doing my first giveaway with my BFF over at Charmed and Southern.  We wanted to share our Pumpkin Starbucks obsession with you all by having a giveaway for a $25 Starbucks gift-card!  The So Long Summer Giveaway will run all labor day weekend.  So I gotta say it... SO LONG SUMMER!

{TWO} Decked out Doormat:  I was alone in the apartment this week so I spent my time catching up on my crafting.  I was finally able to complete some of the projects I wanted to.  My favorite project of the week was upgrading my ugly old grey door mat.  No longer ugly and grey... I'm instead greeted at my door by TEAL and ugly grey.

{THREE} Sex in the City: I love Sex in the City.  Always have, always will.  Hence why I've begun re-watching the entire series.  I'm on season 5 already.  Blows my mind Carrie met Big in the first episode by the way... This morning I actually considered wearing pearls, because Charlotte wears pearls.  Is that weird?  I've recently decided I need to quit wearing sweat pants and wear more makeup, so watching the show certainly inspires me be fashionable!

{FOUR} Cooking:  As I mentioned above I am going to try and not be so lazy with my makeup and outfits, which leads to this favorite.  Cooking.  I really do enjoy cooking.  When friends come over for dinner and I cook something that is actually tasty, I feel so proud. "Thanks for dinner Taylor, it was really good!" is one of my favorite things to hear.  Therefore I am going to try and become a better chef! I think I did pretty well with the Sundried Tomato Chicken and Pasta I made Wednesday night and want to make more great and healthy meals! :)

{FIVE} Photo Shoots: Okay not professional photo shoots, but the super lame ones with your friends.  Charmed and Southern and I wanted to get some sweet pictures of us with the gift card we are giving away for our first big giveaway!  Below is what transpired...

As always special thanks to Carolina Charm, A. Liz Adventures and The Good Life for the 5 on Friday Link up and Lauren Elizabeth of High Five for Friday!  And make sure you sign up for the So Long Summer Giveaway :) 

What big plans do you have for Labor Day weekend?

XOXO Taylor


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