DIY... Bracelets on Bottles!

9:58 PM

I may have too many bracelets... IMPOSSIBLE!  I just needed a better way to store all of these pretty bangles.  I originally had all of my bracelets stacked on some of my boyfriend's old beer bottles, which did the job, but they weren't exactly "decorative" perse.

I decided to update the bottles with some acrylic paint :)  This is a great way to store your bangles and a great way to decorate on the cheap!

Like I said before, I took four of Dillon's old beer bottles.  **Hint! To remove the labels fill up a big bowl with baking soda and hot water, let them sit in the water mixture for thirty minutes and the labels peel right off perfectly!**

I decided to go with a mint green for my green bottles and gold for the brown bottle

I only needed to use two coats to get these babies totally opaque!  I also ended up adding some gold polka-dots to the one bottle to add a bit of character. **Polka-dots are the extent of my painting abilities**

And now my bracelets have a cool new way to hang out!  
XOXO Taylor

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